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Other Favorite Anime Links

Anime Web Turnpike
The Ultimate Anime Link. You can track down practically anything anime through this site.

Anime FAQs, Galleries & Shrines

Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2 FAQ
This has everything you ever wanted to know about Ranma, and more. It also has the most thorough collection of frame-by-frame translations of the manga.
Ranma 1/2 Anime Preview
Brad Clark maintains this gallery of screen captures from all 143 TV episodes of Ranma 1/2.
Ranma's Own Personal Shrine
Don't miss Ranma's own Top Ten Reasons why He's the Ideal Guy. ^_^ True to character.

The Ranma and Akane Shrine
Aside from the fact I think the Ranma/Akane matchup is the One True Matchup in the series, this site is fun to visit if only for Nabiki's Spy Cam and Spy Recorder shots.
The Pantyhose Tarou Shrine
Find out everything you want to know about the only guy who can call Ranma "Fem-boy" and get away with it. ^_^
The Church of the One True Ucchan
If you're an Ukyou fan, this is the place for you. Not only does it have a great sound gallery, but this church has its own creed and a list of infidels.


I love Inuyasha manga. This has everything you ever wanted to know about Rumiko Takahashi's latest brilliant series, complete with easy-to-read frame-by-fame translations of the manga. The guy who maintains this page translates almost as quickly as the manga is released in Japan. I wish I knew how he did it, but it doesn't really matter, 'cause I'm eternally grateful for his hard work.

Please Save My Earth

Please Save My Earth
This page has everything... except manga translations! Arghhh! Will someone who is a bit more proficient in Japanese than I am please translate this series? I'm dying to know what happens after the 6-episode OAV!
Gyokulan's Page of (justified) Rantings and Ravings
This page... Well, it speaks for itself. I laughed so hard I cried. ^_^


I need a better title than just "Slayers"
If this page doesn't have the info you want, it has a link to it. I love the "Rumors" section. ^_^
All Zel, All The Time
Zelgadis -- what a guy. I must have a thing for soft-spoken, tortured souls. Not to mention that he's got a ton of power at his command, and his spiky blue hair is to die for.


Curtis Hoffman's Akira Toriyama Database: Dragonball/Z/GT
Info on the entire Dragonball series, including the very latest from Japan. Includes summaries and translations of the manga and the TV series.

Translated Manga on the Web!

Live in an Anime/Manga wasteland like I do? These sites are like an oasis in the desert.

The Ranma 1/2 Project
Here you can find translations of some of the later story arcs from the later volumes of manga, including the finale of Vol. 38. It also has links to the Dragonball Project and the KOR Project.

CDC's Dragonball Translated Manga Archive
Links to almost all of the translated Dragonball on the web.
The Daily Dragonball Chapters
The name says it all. A new Dragonball chapter translated and posted everyday. I spent a whole afternoon veg-ing in front of my computer screen because of this site. It is beyond cool, and the guy who does the translations deserves a medal.

The Sasuga Japanese Bookstore!

Too impatient to wait for Viz to translate your favorite series? Tired of being envious of all your internet buddies who seem to have hard-to-acquire manga? Want some manga of your very own? Go to this web site! If they don't have it (and they usually do), they can order it from Japan at no extra cost, and you'll have it within three weeks. These people are the greatest, and their service is superb.