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Favorite Fanfic Links

Ranma 1/2: Hearts of Ice
This is a link to my monster fanfic which isn't quite complete, but I'll finish it even if it kills me. ^_^
Bailesu's Fanfiction Page
Author of "Putting Your Heart in the Right Place," and other classics.
The Bazaar at Deva's Fanfic Archive
Here you'll find the highly entertaining works of Blade and Epsilon, including one of my favorite series, "Curse of Darkness." Also, don't miss Blade's solo series, "The Ties That Bind," in which he dares to ask the question, "What if Ranma and Pantyhose Tarou were... brothers?"
BENARES fanfic
One of my first introductions to Ranma fanfic, Benares writes some of the best x-overs out there. A major inspiration for me writing my own fanfics.
Blood Blade's Best of Ranma 1/2 Fanfic Page
He's got some good links to some good stories. Okay, call me biased. ^_^
Chris Willmore's Ranma 2096 Homepage
Chris is probably the ultimate master of the darkfic, and his Ranma 2096 series is beyond cool.
Dot's Fiction Corner
What can I say? Dot writes most excellent DBZ fiction. I love her Vegita stories.
Fan Fiction Archive
This is where all the fanfics posted to the RAAC are eventually posted, and I list it here only to encourage you to go here and read Shannon "Windlily" Richmeyer's Ranma 1/2 fic "Nightshadow." This was the fic that finally made me say "Wow! I wanna write Ranma fanfic too!"
Gary Kleppe's Manga Fanfiction
Kleppe is a talented, prolific fanfic author. His page is a must-see.
G.L. Sandborn's Ranma Fanfiction Page
Author of the "Nabiki-New Horizons" series.
Ill Met By Starlight
This is a very superb, very dark Ranma 1/2 series by Mike Loader and Susan Doenime. I've had the privilege of pre-reading for these most excellent authors, and I'll tell you right now -- this story is a nail-biter. If you like sitting on the edge of your seat chewing your knuckles, read this.
J.Austin Wilde's Fanfic Page
"Chasing the Wind" and "Ranma Goes to War" are works of brillaince. 'Nuff said.
Joseph Palmer's Ranma Fanfictions
His "Seasons" series made me laugh and cry. One of (possibly *the*) best WAFFy authors around.
Lines of Destiny
This Ranma/Sailor Moon x-over is pure fun to read. And the illustrations of Sailor Terra are priceless. ^_^
MadamHydra's Lair
The intense "Tiger Claw" series can be found here. A must read, if you like "Hearts of Ice."
Mirai's Dragonball Fanfic Page
Going through serious Dragonball Z withdrawal (like I am)? This is the place to go! Not only are Mirai's DBZ fanfics some of the best I've read, but this page has great DBZ stories by other authors, as well as links to a ton of other DBZ fanfic pages.

Mike "Cynewulf" Noakes' Fanfics
Mike has written some great fics, including "Apron Strings" and "Choices."
Nightelf's Elysium
The dark, but exquisite "Sunrise Chronicles" can be found here.
Please Save My Earth Fanfic
I stumbled across this fic while surfing the web. PSME is one of my favorite anime, and this fic is a well-written exploration of what might have happened after the 6-episode OAV.
Ranma 1/2: The Shadow Chronicles
Very dark, but most excellent. One of my all-time favorite series. Mark is a superb writer.
Raoh's Fanfics
This guy is one of the best new fanfic authors on the scene. "A Stained Glass Mind" is an instant classic.
The Realm of Mishamouse
"Waking Up" and the fun-to-read "Martial Arts Wedding Ceremony" can be found here, as well as a cool picture archive.
The Scriver's Vault
He's the author of "That's 1/2 My Goddess," a Ranma/Ah! Megami-sama x-over. Good stuff, but unfinished.

Sea Wasp's Fanfiction Page
The fics on this page are a collaborative effort between Sea Wasp and his wife, Kathleen. You have got to read Kathleen's Dragonball Z fic, "The Machine." Fair Warning: This fic is chilling. Even so, it was obviously written with a genuine love for the characters of DBZ -- and a love of the characters is an absolute must, in my opinion, for writing excellent fanfiction. Kathleen also has the distinction of writing the most intense, heart-rending, tear-jerking Death Scene ever to grace the ranks of Fanfiction. This is my own opinion, of course, but I don't give such high praise lightly. I don't cry often or easily, but... dang. The tears were dripping off my chin. Who dies? I'm not telling -- and this story will keep you guessing till the end. Reading this fic is like riding a suspended roller-coaster and seeing a break in the rails up ahead. If you survive the inevitable crash, you can't help but pick yourself up from the rubble... and want to ride again.

Trust me. After you read this, you'll forget all about wanting "Hearts of Ice Part 19" -- and you'll start checking this page on a daily basis, hoping for the next chapter. At least, I know that's what I'll be doing. ^_^

Kathleen painted the picture at the right, proving she's an excellent artist as well as author.

SKJAM!'s Fanfic Page
This guy wrote the only self-insertion fic I like, plus a ton of other great stories. Don't miss "Twilight Existance."
Richard Lawson's Fanfics
Author of almost too many great fics to count, my favorites are still "Thy Inward Love " and its side stories. And though I still don't believe Ranma would accept being a woman under any circumstances, "Thy Outward Part " deals with the (remote) possibility with a compassionate realism that I can't help but admire.
The (sur)Real World Fanfic Homepage
This Ultimate x-over is just hilarious. You gotta read this one.
Zen's Fanfiction Page
While his infamous fic "The Bitter End" made me want to put my fist through the computer screen when I finished reading it, it is undoubtedly a masterful work. Depressing as hell, but masterful. And his other stories are great reads as well.